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 From the imagination of USA Today bestselling author Ednah Walters, we were introduced to a world of Witches, Immortals, Seeresses, Valkyries, Grimnirs, Souls, and Norse Gods and Goddesses. We’ve seen Immortals from every known civilization meet with ordinary and extraordinary Mortals from every culture and find a love that cannot be denied. When Immortals love, they risk everything, including exposing who they are and their abilities, to protect and claim their Mortal soul mates. Now we are expanding this world and creating a universe with amazing authors. Each story will introduce new characters to the world, and you'll get to revisit familiar ones too.

         Whose story is next? A girl visiting relatives? A Witch searching for a place to belong? An average girl heading to college when her car breaks down? Or about the past of an Immortal? The possibilities are endless.


                                                           Dare to enter The Runes Universe.

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