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To Mystic Academy

Home to future Valkyries and Grimnirs 

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Fated: A Mystic Academy Novella

A Witch

An Immortal

And a Soul Reaper

Lana Longhorn has a “special gift” that causes people to reveal their deepest, darkest secrets. She thinks it’s the reason for the tragic accident that killed her parents when she was a child and has become an expert at hiding her gift from the world by age eighteen.  That is, until a soul reaper from Hel walks into her life.


From the moment they meet, Syn Shabaka pushes Lana’s buttons. He is the first person she’s ever met who is immune to her gift, and the first person to offer her a way to be with other gifted people like her. The offer tempts her, but fear that he will discover the truth about her adopted family keeps her from accepting. 


Lana has already lost one set of parents, and she refuses to lose another. As sparks fly between the pair, Lana must decide what is important, keeping her family safe or finding her happiness.

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Storm: Phantom Islanders 

Pirates no longer roam the seas. 
Phantom Islands don’t exist.

Nanny to a wealthy family, eighteen-year old Alexandria “Lexi” Greendale sends most of what she earns home to support her disabled brother. She is determined to help him get the surgery he needs to walk again. Her dreams come to an abrupt halt when she rescues a man from drowning. How does he repay her? Captain Storm Orath abducts her, claims her as his chosen mate, and takes her to a magical island that is centuries behind times with barbaric customs.

For Lexi to make it home to her family, she must fight the lure of the man and the island he controls, and escape, or stay trapped forever.

This is Part I of a 3-Part New Adult Serial about a woman and her journey of discovery, adventure, and unforgettable Love

Reading Order:
Storm Part I April 25th
Storm Revealed Part II -  May 30th
Storm Unleashed Part III - June 27th

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Goddess: A Runes Novel

The conclusion to Cora & Echo's love story.  

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Cora Jemison has come a long way from her stint in a psych ward and her fear of the dead. A confident Medium, she allows souls to possess her to help them find closure. When she decides to tell her parents the truth, that she still sees the dead and that her fiancé is a soul reaper, the Jemisons reveal secrets of their own.

Her world starts to crumble, the ripple effect threatening to destroy the one thing she can always count on. Her relationship with Echo. Cora must sort through the lies to learn the truth about who and what she is. Only then can she embrace her destiny and claim her soul mate, Echo.

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The RUNES SERIES is based on Norse Mythology and runic magic.

In Runes, the first book in the series,  we are introduced to Raine (Lorraine) Cooper, a 17-year old trying to cope with her father's disappearance, her mother's strange behavior, and the possibility of her long time crush/boyfriend Eirik relocating...

Enters her new neighbor, mysterious and gorgeous Torin St. James...

Who is he? How is he connected to her father's disappearance? And why does he know so much about her?




RUNES (book 1 - Raine/Torin)

IMMORTALS (book 2 - Raine/Torin)

GRIMNIRS (book 3 - Cora/Echo)

SEERESS (book 4 - Raine/Torin)

SOULS (book 5 - Cora/Echo)

WITCHES (book 6 - Raine/Torin)

GODDESS (book 7 - last Cora/Echo)

TBA (book 8 - last Raine/Torin)


DEMONS (Eirik book 1) - the events in this book happens after GRIMNIRS

HEROES (Eirik book 2) - same timeline as SEERESS

GODS (Eirik book 3)- same timeline as WITCHES

(Eirik's books can be read after Witches or Grimnirs)


I have more exciting stories planned in the Runes Series, like Ingrid & Rhys' story, Andris & his mysterious lady, and Mystic Academy... Stay tuned, folks.


The GUARDIAN LEGACY SERIES is based on the Nephilim, part angel and part human beings charged with watching over human. 


In Awakened (Book 1), we meet seventeen-year-old Lil, (Lilith Falcon) who believes she is a freak/misfit due to her Gypsy heritage and highly eccentric grandfather. Little does she know he is a demon-hunter and he's been slowly grooming her to follow in his footsteps.  

Until an encounter with the cocky Bran Llyr awakens her powers and together, they embark on a journey of discovery and shared destiny.


AWAKENED (book 1)

BETRAYED (book 2)

HUNTED (book 3)

FORGOTTEN (book 4)

TBA (book 5)

 The Guardian Legacy might have a spinoff... Stay tuned. 


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Check out Eirik's book trailer!

A Runes Companion Novel, Eirik Book 1.

The first installment in the Eirik Trilogy

Eirik, son of Baldur-God of Light-failed living as a Mortal and has gone to the underworld to meet his estranged mother. Torn, Eirik struggles to find himself, until a witch changes it all. Celestia Devereaux uses her powers to help people, but a secret threatens to turn her dark. Will helping a tortured man be her undoing or her salvation, or will he sacrifice everything to save her?

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A Runes Companion Novel, Eirik Book 2.

The second installment in the Eirik Trilogy

Eirik wants to show the Witch who saved him from darkness how much she means to him. But he is expected to right a wrong done to his family and she is the key. Caught between duty and love, he must convince her to see things his way.

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A Runes Companion Novel, Eirik Book 3.

The final installment in the Eirik Trilogy

Eirik is relentless in proving his love for Celestia and together they are combustible. But can he protect her from an enemy he can’t see? As new threats emerge, Celestia will do whatever it takes to protect Eirik and their relationship. Will she learn her limit and accept help when offered? Or will he need to step up and show her that together they are unstoppable?

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"Forgotten" takes the Guardian Legacy series in a new direction, as Lil wakes up on Mount Hermon Island after months of unconsciousness only to find that she has no memory of her life before waking up. 


As she learns about life there, and deals with her father and half-sister, she learns about the rules of society among the Hermonites and champions the cause of the minions, those who were unlucky enough to be born without powers.  As she moves forward toward fulfilling her destiny as the one who will unite her people, she has to balance her responsibilities and her love for Bran.

The latest instalment in the Guardia Legacy

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**The best book in the series!

 By Heavenly Good Books


**Fascinating, Engaging, Unexpected plot!

By KarenM of "My Bookbag Blog"


**Guarding your heart is hard when you can't remember anything.

By Mama Reniazen "Mama Reads Hazel Reads Blog"


**I wish I could give it 10 stars!!  

By Amazon Reviewer

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